oovoo for Wiko

wikoDownload oovoo App for your Wiko Android Smartphone and enjoy text messaging with your friends. oovoo for Wiko Models: Hightway Pure, Hightway Star, 4G, WAX 4G, Hightway, Ridge 4G, Hightway Signs, RIDGE FAB 4G, GETAWAY, Sunset2, Rainbow Lite, Rainbow UP, Rainbow 4G, Jimmy,Birdy 4G, Lenny, Cink Five, Peax 2, Slim, Darknight, FIZZ, Iggy, Kite 4G, Ozzy, Starway,… oovoo App integrates with the Android OS to give you the best experience and performance.

oovoo syncs with your Wiko contacts, detecting which ones already have oovoo App. Simply select a contact and talk for free. Enjoy your WIKO smartphone with the oovoo features!!

Some Wiko Featured Smartphones:

wax4g star wiko-ozzy-169x300 wiko-Stairway-169x300 bloom-169x300


Download oovoo for Wiko