How to install OOVOO Messenger

How to install OOVOO Messenger

If you want to install OOVOO Messenger app on a modern day computer, it takes roughly a minute. This application is supported by several operating systems such as iOS, android, Mac OS X and Windows and you can chat with friends, even on another different platforms.

It does not take long to create an OOVOO account. You just need to provide a few details on the interface of the application and click a button to login with your new account, instead of filling countless fields on a web page and waiting for a confirmation email. On the other hand, you can use your Facebook account to sign into OOVOO.

Although the functionality of OOVOO Messenger app is a bit different, the interface is the same with other messengers. With the various options that come with the application, you can add friends to your contact list much easier. There is no need to insert the exact ID of a person, when adding other OOVOO users. With different filters such as age, gender, city and country among others, the software places a search engine at your proposal.

OOVOO Messenger app will also make it possible to import contacts from Twitter, Facebook and other IM applications such as ICQ, AIM, Yahoo or Windows Live Messenger and email services like MS Outlook, Hotmail and Gmail. Added contacts can be filtered to show only Facebook or OOVOO users.

Your friends will appear on the contact list of OOVOO instantly, if you connect with your Facebook account. The chat window of OOVOO Messenger app comes with an elegant design and it offers both traditional and new types of options.

To reveal your contacts in a collapsible structure and invite your contacts to chat, you can extend this window. Video calls and transfer of files are done on separate windows. Your files are not sent immediately, when you drag and drop them on the interface of the application because you can add multiple recipients. The software displays both webcam feeds, side by side, on a large window, when you make a video call. This is the place you will notice the true potential of OOVOO Messenger app.

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