How to use OoVoo Safely (Kids)


How to use OoVoo Safely (Kids)


OoVoo is a pretty good choice for video chat and socializing- it’s among the safest video chat platforms available for free. Like any other app, though, it can be dangerous if not used responsibly. If you have a young child

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How to Keep your Kids Safe with OOVOO Chatting App


A new Oovoo feature that reads facial emoticons was launched in March with the intention of using this in politics and business in the 2016 presidential election. Nonetheless, OoVoo is worried that this could turn to a privacy concern.

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How to Manage your Privacy with OoVoo Messenger App


OOVOO free Messaging app is similar to KIK and it has been available for quite a while, but it is now featuring on news alerts and Twitter feed. OoVoo Messenger is perfect for hosting a study group session.

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Tips for Oovoo Video and Messaging App


The best thing about oovoo is that the app has a very clean UI, so you can easily use the app’s different functions when you need them. With just one click, you are able to change the app’s settings even

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Oovoo Features


Let’s see Oovoo Features and you will know why Oovoo Messenger application could be your favorite messaging app for voice calls, video calls and text messages. – Works on any type of network such as phone, crisp and clear video

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Intelligent Video for Mobile Video on Oovoo Messenger App


With the introduction of Intelligent Video, OOVOO is now transforming mobile video communication. OOVOO is the largest independent social video communications platform all over the world. It has more than 120 million registered users worldwide. Intelligent Video platform is being

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How to install OOVOO Messenger


If you want to install OOVOO Messenger app on a modern day computer, it takes roughly a minute. This application is supported by several operating systems such as iOS, android, Mac OS X and Windows and you can chat with

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