Download ooVoo Messenger for Web today

Download ooVoo Messenger for Web today

OoVoo was happy to announce the launching of its latest web app that will enable users to video chat without having to install or download any application, anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, OoVoo for web brings a really exclusive and significant component to the OoVoo ecosystem by offering users a native way to video chat right within well-matched Internet browsers.

The Chief Product Officer of OoVoo pointed out that OoVoo for web offers all users collective ease of access to the highest quality, group video and one-on-one video calling service. He stressed further that they are particularly thrilled to now offer the Chrome-book community a way to access and video chat easily by making use of OoVoo.

OoVoo for web includes a lot of ooVoo’s most trendy features, such as 12-way group video calling, high-definition one-on-one video calling, as well as integrated messaging. On the other hand, the Add Friends screen of OoVoo makes it easy to add and invite friends making use of Twitter, Facebook, OoVoo ID, and email.

Features of OoVoo for Web

  • The New Video Calling Interface – Provides the best looking OoVoo you have been agitating for.
  • Multi-login – This is the feature that will make you remain logged in on the web and on a mobile device.
  • Integrated Messaging – This is an easy to plot a course messaging platform, where you can share video messages and pictures easily.
  • Easier to Experience Groups – With this particular feature, you can either video call with up to 12 friends or on one-on-one basis.
  • The Highest Quality HD Video Calling – OoVoo makes use of robust cloud servers to offer the highest-quality experience, while other video chat apps rely on the processing ability of devices.

For better and great experience, make use of the most recent version of OoVoo for web that is fully supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Download oovoo

Download oovoo for web browsers

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