Intelligent Video for Mobile Video on Oovoo Messenger App

Intelligent Video for Mobile Video on Oovoo Messenger App

With the introduction of Intelligent Video, OOVOO is now transforming mobile video communication. OOVOO is the largest independent social video communications platform all over the world. It has more than 120 million registered users worldwide. Intelligent Video platform is being added to OOVOO’s popular and award winning video chat app.The Intelligent Video platform of OOVOO leverages the massive the amount of data generated by the boom in mobile video to give exceptional insights and engagement that actually change the user’s experience.

For the launching of its Intelligent Video, OOVOO cohorts with Affectiva that is the leader in conveying insight and emotion analytics on a global scale. Intelligent Video enhances mobile video communications with a more engaging and authentic experience and it is poised to transform both personal and business interactions.

As individuals search for more intimate relationships with social media, friends and family connections, and businesses seek developing stronger and more gradational relationship with their customers, the market opportunity for Intelligent Video is significant.

Applying Intelligent Video will cross a lot of consumer interactions and industries – from job interviews and HR to consumer applications as well as market research focus groups like an application that broadcasts the vibe of a chat room. Without doubt, Intelligent Video delivers powerful new capabilities to the market place just as the mobility and perpetual computing converge as well as the high-impact trends of video communications.

Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer of P&G declared that Intelligent Video is such an exhilarating improvement that will help different organizations to understand people more deeply and equally help people carry out their jobs better. Marketers and researchers can now use video in entirely new ways to understand people’s reaction better, along with a huge number of other applications, with OOVOO as the core technology.

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