Tips for Oovoo Video and Messaging App

Tips for Oovoo Video and Messaging App

The best thing about oovoo is that the app has a very clean UI, so you can easily use the app’s different functions when you need them. With just one click, you are able to change the app’s settings even if the video chat is on.

There is a special function key at the top part of the display. This key lets the user to change their video feed upload so as to cover up poor bandwidth issues. In addition, the feature can greatly benefit the persons who use “pay as you go” internet plan because it consumes less data which allows them to stretch their data plan a bit more. For activating this feature, simply press resolution, pick the low resolution when chat is on in case you’ve lower bandwidth issues. Both the participants must do the same thing so that the transmitted picture is smaller in size & the file is received much quicker.

Video Chat Recording

So far, this is the most valuable feature of this app. This allows the user to easily record their video chats & conversation. In order to get all the data of a current chat, it is possible to record everything quite easily. Simply hit the record key at the actions menu of your chat screen.

After you’re finished with the recording, allow the app to process it or it won’t save the data.

3 Way Calling

If the members are not available at the same location or if any one member has no access to the internet, then it can be very difficult to start the communication. However with the help of oovoo video and messaging app, you will be able to make a 3 way call with just 1 click. What’s more, you could easily let another person who does not use oovoo participate in the chat.  But in order to use this, it is important for you to buy a calling credit at oovoo app. You’ll be able to allow a landline contact or a mobile phone contact participate in a 3 way session.

To use this feature while the chat is on, press add to call & pick phone. After this you could dial from a keypad or in case the contact is onto your phonebook already, you could press the name entry for making a call.

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